Your feet are your main source to get you where you’re going. If your shoes are not chosen properly, you and your feet can suffer. If you suffer from pain and agony in your feet from heel pain to bunions while undergoing everyday activities, it may simply be that you have not chosen the best shoe for you.

Your podiatrist is available to help you choose the best shoe for your feet and for your daily activity level. Listed below are tips for choosing the right athletic shoe for you and your daily endeavors.
  • Don’t Multitask: It’s not recommended to use the same show for different activities. Walking shoes can be stiff and running shoes are more flexible. Different shoes are best for a specific activity. If you perform in numerous activities, be sure to get a shoe that is best for the specific activity.
  • Get to Know Your Feet: Feet come in many shapes and sizes. If you know your feet habits, it can help you to better select a good pair of shoes.
  • Realize Your Feet Change: Your feet can actually change at any age and time. As you get older, your feet may change in size and shape. Measuring your foot frequently can help to ensure that you are getting the suitable size for your feet. When you go shopping for shoes, it’s best to try the shoes on at the end of the day because your feet will swell over the course of the day. Get shoes that fit when your foot is the biggest.
  • Breaking In Shoes: It is well known that breaking in shoes is a good way to get them to become more comfortable, but this is not actually true. Your new shoes should feel comfortable right away. When trying on shoes, you should walk or run around the store to see if they feel good in action. If they don’t, keep searching for the right one.
  • Know When to Replace Your Shoes: No shoes are made to last a lifetime, so don’t try to keep them for a long time. If you are active, you will notice that you go through shoes pretty quickly. In fact, running shoes should be replaced after around 350-400 miles of use. Also, you should be able to tell if you need to shoes just by the look and feel of them. If the back of the sole is worn out or if your shoes all of the sudden feel uncomfortable or less supportive, it’s time to go shopping!
Keep your feet healthy and maintained by choosing the appropriate shoes for you. Your podiatrist is specially trained and experienced to diagnose and treat all foot conditions, including proper shoes for your feet.