At this point of the year, you might be concerned with snow and when this weather will finally change. However, during snowy weather or warm weather, you need to watch what shoes you wear. The shoes that you choose to wear can directly reflect the health of your feet. From heel pain to bunions, New York City residents can experience painful conditions if they don’t choose the right shoes for their feet. As a podiatrist in New York City, Dr. Gary Evans is available to help you choose the best shoe for your feet and your sport or activity.

Basketball – Slam Dunk Your Way to Happy Feet

Whether you are making the perfect pass or finishing off a flying slam dunk, basketball shoes have several features that will help you prevent injury while on the court. A shoe with a thick, stiff sole gives support while running and landing from jumps. The high ankle construction supports the ankle during quick changes in direction. A basketball shoe should have the strongest support on either side of the ankle. Be sure to preserve your shot and protect your feet with proper fitting basketball shoes.

Tennis – Protect Your Feet on the Court

Based on appearance, shoes for tennis may look just like any other athletic shoe. Beyond appearance, what is on the inside makes all the differences in tennis shoes. A tennis shoe supports both sides of the feet because of the quick lateral movements and weight shifts in court sports. Proper tennis shoes provide a flexible sole for fast changes of direction and have less shock absorption than a running or basketball shoe.

Stay Fit and Active with Proper Running Shoes

Running for fitness is also very important in maintaining proper health and remaining active, but it is not always easy on your feet. Without proper precautions, foot and ankle injuries may occur, just as with baseball and other sports. The balance, support, and propulsion of a runner’s body all depend on the foot.

Before entering a fitness regimen that includes running, it is important to make certain that your body’s connection with the ground is in proper working order. Whether running in sports, with friends or any other reason, it is important to pay extra close attention to the health of your feet this summer season.

The running shoe is perhaps the most personal and intricate of all athletic shoes. Every runner has different needs and requirements for their shoes. There are a multitude of choices for a runner’s shoes, allowing for accurate protection of their feet.

A running shoe must provide maximum shock absorption to help runners avoid ailments such as shin splints and knee pain. It should also control the way your heel strikes the ground, so the rest of your foot can fall correctly. Be sure to know your foot type – whether it is a high, medium, or low arch – so you can get the shoe with the right support for your foot.

Our NYC podiatrist, Dr. Gary Evans, is specially trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of all foot conditions. Protect your feet and buy appropriate sport-specific shoes. Feet carry a lot of pressure, therefore keeping them well maintained is important for vitality and life.