About 25 percent of people between 18-65 years old have bunions, and a shocking 67 percent of people over the age of 65 also have this foot condition. However, even if you do have bunions in New York, you still may not know everything about this condition.

Here are some interesting facts about bunions:

  1. Bunions are not growths: While it might look like that protruding part of your foot is caused by a growth, bunions are actually the result of joint misalignment in the big toe joint. Over time, this will cause the big toe to lean towards the other toes. It will also cause the bone at the base of the big toe to jut out.
  2. High heels do not cause bunions: Everyone seems to blame high heels for causing this condition; however, it’s actually not true. Instead, bunions are often hereditary or caused by a foot injury. While high heels can certainly make the pain and discomfort worse, they are not the root cause.
  3. Bunions do get worse over time: As with most people, you may not be experiencing any pain; however, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action to treat the condition. After all, bunions often become larger, which can lead to significant discomfort. As they grow, they also make it difficult to wear shoes. The only option for removing a bunion is surgery.
  4. Most bunions don’t cause pain: Only some people with bunions will experience occasional aches and pains from it. However, for the few who complain of serious bunion pain, bunion treatment or surgery can help reduce or eliminate discomfort.
  5. Children can also develop bunions: This isn’t a condition that just affects adults. Even children can develop bunions. If joint misalignment has already occurred, children and teenagers will actually be more prone to developing a bunion.

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