Millions of Americans struggle with bunions every year. This is a problematic foot condition that worsens over time. It is common in NYC patients who work a lot on their feet (like construction workers) or who wear certain types of shoes, like high heels, that cause strain n the feet. Here are are some important tips for how to avoid getting bunions in the future.

Wear Better Shoes

One of the best things you can do for your feet is to purchase shoes that are perfectly designed for them. Some shoe manufacturers only create shoes that look good, but others are in tune with the practical needs of people who spend a lot of time walking and working. Spend a little more for orthopedically designed shoes that cushion your toes and heels, and that support your arch.

Use Orthotic Inserts

Another option (if you have an existing pair of shoes that you don’t want to give up) is to ask your NYC doctor about specialty orthotic devices or inserts. These can be placed in your shoe to help give your feet relief from bunions and other foot problems. A custom orthotic is the best option, because it can be perfectly crafted to fit your foot.

Massage and Soak Your Feet

If you have a job that requires you to stay on your feet for long periods of time, give your feet some “quality time” when you get home. A good foot massage and soak can do wonders and help prevent the progression of bunions over time. Consider buying an at-home foot spa machine that will perform both functions at once, and use Epsom salt in the warm water.

See Your Podiatrist

It’s important that you see your podiatrist at the first signs of bunions to reverse this condition. There are a number of treatments for this foot problem, including exercises, custom orthotics and even surgery in serious cases. Call Dr. Gary Evans to schedule a time to visit his NYC office to discuss the solutions that are best for you.