It feels like not so long ago, we were all sporting flip flops and sandals and making our way to the beach. Gone are the long summer days, and here are the bitterly cold days of winter. Even with the drastic temperature change, it’s a great time of year—snow and family get-togethers and holiday cheer are right around the corner. However, with this shift in the weather comes a reminder that your foot health care might need to shift as well.

What the Cold Does to Your Feet

Your feet are extremely sensitive to any temperature change, which means that no matter the season, you should always be paying attention to your feet. In the summer, humidity levels are usually up, which means you need to watch out for fungus, but just the opposite is a concern for the winter months. In these next few months, as the air becomes drier and drier, watch out for cracks in the soles of your feet, heels, or between your toes. It’s easy to develop an infection in these openings, so be sure to apply any ointments as necessary if you notice any cracks.

Remember to Keep Your Feet Warm

To keep your circulation normal and your feet happy, you need to keep them warm, when you’re indoors, but especially when you’re outside in the snow. It’s no surprise that developing frostbite is much more likely when snow is present. Make sure to wear thick socks and boots when you’re frolicking outside in the snow. Also make sure that your boots fit properly and aren’t too tight. Tight-fitting boots can restrict blood flow and cause circulation problems, which won’t allow your body to naturally warm your feet. If your children like to play outside on their snow days, have them come inside to take frequent breaks to warm their feet.

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