Any committed runner knows that your favorite solo sport can wreak havoc on your toes and feet. The term “runner’s feet” can conjure up gruesome images of epic blisters and lost toenails. But there are ways to help protect your feet while preparing for that next New York City 5K race. Your podiatrist will thank you for it.

Common Foot Problems from Running

Running places incredible stress on your toes and feet. One common condition that can be associated with running is called plantar fasciitis. This is an injury to the tendon which causes pain and difficulty walking.

Another common problem many runner’s experience is a stress fracture. These types of fractures can occur from increasing the length or intensity of your running, or from simply stepping awkwardly on an uneven surface. If you think you have a stress fracture, see your New York City podiatrists right away.

Achilles Tendinitis is inflammation that strikes the runner’s Achilles tendon. This can be caused by a tight tendon or improper footwear.

One of the most common causes of foot pain and problems comes from simple blisters. These blisters can occur when your shoes are too tight or you are running in socks that do not allow your feet to breath. If your shoes are even slightly too small, they can irritate your toenails and cause them to fall off.

Protecting Your Feet While Running

Buy the Right Shoes – Always wear proper running shoes. If you run often, consider having your shoes fitted by a professional in a store that specializes in running shoes. These pros can measure your feet and can assess your walking gait to know exactly which shoes will provide the most comfort and stability when you run.

Wear the Right Socks – Cotton socks or those that retain sweat can cause blisters. Be sure to buy socks that breathe and fit your feet. Try on your socks with your running shoes to be sure you have a comfortable fit.

Protect Your Feet From Fungus – Athlete’s foot is common when your feet are exposed to prolonged moisture. If you develop this fungus, try treating it with an over-the-counter medicine right away or call your New York City podiatrists.

See Your Podiatrist – If you notice pain when running, don’t ignore it. See your podiatrist for a diagnosis and treatment plan. Untreated foot injuries may only worsen over time and could sideline you from that big race.

If you’re experiencing pain from running, schedule a visit with your podiatrist. Dr. Gary Evans, Dr. James Korponay, and Dr. Caren Schumer, your New York City podiatrists, can diagnose and treat a variety of toe and foot problems to keep your feet healthy and running strong. Schedule your appointment today.