As a leading podiatrist in New York City, Dr. Gary Evans works with each of his patients to provide the best treatment possible. While the winter season means hiding your feet in a warm pair of shoes or boots, it doesn’t mean you should ignore your toenail fungus. If you suffer from toenail fungus, Dr. Evans invites you to visit our office for proper treatment so you can say goodbye to your embarrassing toenail fungus.

Dr. Gary Evans offers his patients in New York City, Laser Toenail treatment for the relief of toenail fungus. With the PinPointe FootLaser, your toenail fungus can be treated safely, quickly and without pain. This new laser toenail treatment in New York City from Dr. Evans uses a special laser beam to reduce the infection in your toenails.

The laser gently passes through the toenail to penetrate the infection deep in the nail bed without causing damage to the nail or surrounding skin. Because this treatment is laser based, no anesthesia is required, and you will experience little to no discomfort with no risk for side effects. With this laser technology, fungus is killed immediately, promoting the growth of clear, healthy nails.

Visit Dr. Gary Evans, our New York City podiatrist, if you suffer from toenail fungus. Don’t let the winter season mask your fungus, seek treatment now with laser toenail fungus in New York City.