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Proper Footwear for Men and Women

Proper Footwear for Men and Women An average day of walking brings a force that is equal to several hundred tons on your feet and is subject to more injury than any other part of your body. This shows just how important the need to protect your feet with proper footwear is. Feet carry a

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Heel Pain and Kids

Heel Pain and Kids Gary Evans, DPM, James Korponay, DPM, and Caren Schumer, DPM, your podiatrists in New York and Whitestone, want to emphasize the importance of not ignoring your child’s complaints about pain in their feet. Your child should never play through the pain in their feet, as heel pain can lead to difficulty

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Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics Bring Relief to Your Feet If your feet are suffering from pain or other ailments, you are in luck. Dr. Evans offers orthotics to help your stand, walk and run more efficiently and comfortably. Orthotic devices come in many shapes, sizes and materials to help alleviate your foot ailments. They also fall under three

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Fitness and Your Feet

Fitness and your Feet Most people do not realize the tremendous amount of pressure that is put on their feet during exercise. For example, a 150-pound jogger puts more than 150 tons of impact on their feet while running three miles. Also during running, the 26 bones, 33 joints and 112 ligaments, and a network

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When to Visit Our Office in New York City

When to Visit Our Office in New York City There are number of reasons to visit your trusted New York City podiatrists, Gary Evans, DPM, James Korponay, DPM and Caren Schumer, DPM. In this blog post, we’ve listed some of the more pressing occasions. If you have diabetes Whether you were recently diagnosed or it’s

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Fungus Treatment

If you’ve been living with chronic toenail fungus in New York City, laser treatment could finally be your solution. Some research has found that about 35 million people worldwide have experienced fungal infections at some point in their lives. While this fact certainly won’t make your nail fungus go away, it’s nice to know you

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Common Foot and Ankle Problems Among Athletes

Any time a person engages in sports, they are running the risk of suffering an injury to the foot and ankle. Many of the injuries that cause foot ailments and pain are caused by high impact sports, such as running. Other times foot problems can arise from wearing improper footwear or from inadequate training. There

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Remain Active in Sports

Remain Active in Sports with Help from Your New York Podiatrist From weekend warriors to professional athletes, it is important to take care of your feet to remain fit and active while participating in sports and other recreational activities. With repeated pounding that runners’ feet receive on paved surfaces or the side-to-side motion seen in

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Proper Foot Care For your Child

Keep Your Children Active by Following Proper Foot Care You often worry about your children’s teeth, eyes, and other parts of their body. You teach them how to wash, brush, and groom, but what do you do about your child’s feet as they are still developing? Many adult foot ailments, as with other health issues,

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