Proper Footwear for Men and Women

An average day of walking brings a force that is equal to several hundred tons on your feet and is subject to more injury than any other part of your body. This shows just how important the need to protect your feet with proper footwear is. Feet carry a lot of pressure, therefore keeping them well maintained is important for vitality and life. Your podiatrist in New York and Whitestone is available to offer solutions for the best shoes for your feet.

Men and Their Shoes

According to Gary Evans, DPM, James Korponay, DPM, and Caren Schumer, DPM, the best shoes for men seem to be oxford style shoes, which are ordinarily associated with wing tip or cap toe designs, Additionally, slip-ons, dressy loafers and low dress boots can also be suitable shoes for men to wear. As you can see, though, the styles that men are capable of wearing are indeed different than those women should be wearing.

As with women, Gary Evans, DPM, James Korponay, DPM, and Caren Schumer, DPM —your New York and Whitestone podiatrists—states that men should buy specific shoes for work, leisure, and special activities. Your shoes should match the intended activity. When buying shoes it is important to:

  • Have your feet measured while you’re standing
  • Always try on both shoes, and walk around the store
  • Always buy for the larger foot; feet are seldom exactly the same size
  • Don’t buy shoes that need a “break-in” period.  Shoes should be comfortable immediately
  • Shop for shoes later in the day
  • Select a shoe with leather upper, stiff heel counter, appropriate cushioning, and flexibility at the ball of the foot.
  • Don’t rely on the size of your last pair of shoes because your feet do tend to get larger

Women: Watch for Comfort, Not Fashion

Women tend to inflict more punishment and pressure on their feet than anyone else. Improper footwear worn by many women can bring about unnecessary foot problems that could easily be avoided. High heels cause many of the foot problems that are brought on as a result of improper footwear.

To relieve the harmful effects of wearing heels, women should limit the time that they wear them, or eliminate them altogether. If you must wear heels, it is important to alternate with supportive sneakers or flats for part of the day, in addition to a varied heel height. There are comfortable and attractive walking pumps for work and other social activities. These will blend comfort with pleasure.

Most importantly, the activity in which you may be participating in is vital in choosing the proper shoe. Wearing the right shoe for a certain activity is the most important factor in your choice for shoes to wear.

Your New York and Whitestone podiatrists, Gary Evans, DPM, James Korponay, DPM, and Caren Schumer, DPM, are specially trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of all foot conditions. Protect your feet by buying appropriate shoes for your occasion.