Whether it springs up on the skin between the toes (athlete’s foot), or under the toenail, fungal infections are a nuisance that can affect anyone, often more than once. Although toenail fungus does not pose a risk to healthy individuals, it can reoccur if left untreated, and

can alter the appearance and texture of the affected toenails in advanced cases.

What Causes Fungus to Grow Under the Toenails?

While fungus can also affect the fingernails, it is more common in toenails because the feet are an ideal breeding ground for growth – namely a dark, warm, moist environment with little to no ventilation. The toes also receive less blood flow than the hands, which can make it more difficult for the immune system to track and destroy infections before they proliferate.

The hands are also washed much more frequently (hopefully) than the feet, and therefore, fungi can comfortably make themselves at home once they have found any tiny opening in the cuticle or between the skin of the toe and the nail bed. Wearing flip-flops in communal showers and thoroughly washing the feet after using a public swimming pool, like at the gym, are good precautions to take to help keep the feet clean, and to avoid contact with any lurking fungus and bacteria.

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment in New York City

The treatment options vary depending on the person and severity of the infection. A mild or early fungal infection may cause a white or yellow discoloration under the affected toenail, and may respond to over the counter treatments. More advanced cases can cause yellowing, hardening, and even crumbling of the toenail. When over the counter medications are ineffective, a podiatrist may prescribe anti-fungal medication.

Laser treatment is a fast and minimally invasive procedure designed to permanently kill toenail fungus in one visit to your podiatrist, without the need for medication or removal of the affected toenail. The benefits of laser fungus removal include:

  • Fast and effective (a single treatment can be completed in under 30 minutes)
  • Minimally invasive – no cuts, no bandages, no drugs! Lasers use light and heat to naturally and permanently kill pesky toenail fungus

Contact a podiatrist in New York City

Even with successful self-care and conservative treatment, toenail fungus is likely to return, and can potentially spread to some of the other toes, and cause a breeding ground in your home which can cause fungus to hop onto the feet of your loved ones as well. To learn more about fast and effective laser treatment to permanently kill nail fungus, contact a foot doctor at 212-279-0086 to schedule an appointment today.