Top 3 Foot Injuries for Athletes

Athletes love what they do and don’t want pesky foot injuries to get in the way of their performance. We don’t blame them! If you are an athlete yourself, then you understand the drive and dedication it takes to achieve your best form. As as result, we wanted to review the top foot injuries we see with athletes and how to prevent them.


We understand that the thought of blisters is painful in itself. Though not a severe injury but blisters cause acute pain. They can occur very easily. This can happen due to your feet getting wet and not being allowed enough time to dry. When you run excessively while wearing your running shoes, it is imperative that your feet will be sweaty for a long time. This makes them prone to blisters. As a runner, make sure that your shoes are a good fit and you wear socks that absorb excess moisture. You will be good to go! 

Black toenails

Black toenails are caused when the toes face friction against the front of the running shoes. This can happen if the shoes are ill-fitting or when you run downhill. Your toes become bruised as well as inflamed. In such cases, the runner often loses the nail. As said, ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Wear the shoe of the right size and make sure that you lace your shoe correctly. This is your best shot to prevent this from happening.  

Ankle sprain

A sprain can be moderate and may only cause minimal pain in a few cases. However, in other cases, it may be so severe that one begins to experience difficulty in walking. Ankle sprains are caused by twisting of the foot that directly damages the ligaments of the ankle. Even if it is not severe, you should always opt for an appointment with a practitioner. 

A heel spur is a calcium deposit. This deposit leads to a bony protrusion on the heel bone. This can become extremely painful in the rear-foot. You will feel most of it while you stand and walk. Runners who have flat feet or high arches are the ones more prone to heel spurs than those who don’t. 

For a runner, these injuries will be a part of the journey. The best you can do is to ensure that you have applied all preventive measures to ease the impact of these injuries and prevent them altogether.

If you believe you’ve suffered a sports injury, don’t hesitate to reach out to our podiatry practice to schedule an appointment and learn about your treatment options. We have a team of expert podiatrists that will ensure you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.  

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