Plantar Warts Treatment in New York City and Whitestone, New York

Dr. Evans has successfully treated thousands of plantar warts, in his NYC office. He has been the “go to Podiatrist” for other doctors when they are not successful in their management.  Dr. Evans has extensive experience in all wart management especially the “ tough to treat ones”.  Since all warts  will not respond to the same treatment, Dr. Evans will customize,and personalize your treatment, focusing on “evidence based medical treatment”. 

 Warts can spread, and become painful, schedule an appointment today. Get rid of your WARTS now! 

All wart treatments are covered by your medical insurance.

What YOU need to know:

  • Plantar warts occur when the human papillomavirus (HPV) makes contact with the skin on the soles of feet. The virus is usually introduced into the foot through small cuts or openings.
  • Solitary warts: When there is just one single wart that increases in size and may spread into additional “satellite” warts.
  • Mosaic warts:  In some cases, multiple warts cluster together in one area—these warts are usually more difficult to treat.

Do You have a Wart?

Do you have a Small, fleshy or rough callus growth on your foot?

Small clotted blood vessels- small black dots on the bottom of your foot?

Pain with squeezing, pressure, walking or standing?

Dr. Gary Evans, Dr. Korponay, and Dr. Balaskonis offer an array of treatment options, based on YOUR condition.

This can include :

  • Prescription-strength wart medications
  • Cryotherapy (freezing the wart off)
  • Immunotherapy
  • Minor surgery to cut away the wart
  • Laser treatment

To learn more about plantar warts, and treatment from our foot doctors, Dr. Gary Evans, Dr. James Korponay, Dr. Asimina Balaskonis,  contact us today! Our office currently serves Whitestone, New York City and Midtown Manhattan, NY. 

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