Drop a can of soup on your foot or whack your toe into a wall—we have all been there before. While you may not think anything of these common “stubs,” you may begin to experience a throbbing, swollen, broken toe. A broken toe is painful, so don’t suffer through it—visit your podiatrist in New York or Whitestone for a diagnosis and proper treatment plan.

Conservative treatments can often help decrease the pain and swelling to help the fracture heal properly. Your New York and Whitestone podiatrists offer these at home solutions to help with healing your broken toe:

Elevation – by keeping your foot raised above the level of your heart, you can help decrease swelling and discomfort. Prop your foot up on some pillows, especially when sleeping.
Ice – put ice in a plastic bag and apply it to your injured toe for 15-20 minutes every 1-2 hours for the first couple days. Don’t forget to place a towel between the skin and the ice to protect your skin.
Rest – avoid any strenuous exercise, prolonged standing, or walking. Crutches or a special show may be needed when walking to avoid placing extra weight on the broken toe while it heels, which can be determined by your podiatrist in New York and Whitestone.
Depending on the location and severity of your broken toe, your New York podiatrist might need to splint or cast your toe. Contact Gary Evans, DPM, James Korponay, DPM, and Caren Schumer, DPM for diagnosis and treatment planning for the proper healing of your broken toe so that you can get back to your normal day-to-day schedule.